Vancouver CPA shares his time—and his wonder dog—with those in need
Stuart Mah, CPA, CMA, and his 10-year old certified therapy dog Nugget provide much-needed companionship to the long-term care residents at Mount St. Joseph Hospital. 
By Megan Hooge Apr 21, 2021 Share
Ambitious 2021 federal budget offers $101 billion in new spending over coming years
On April 19, 2021, the Government of Canada released its first budget since the pandemic began. Here’s a short overview.
By Aaron Aerts Apr 19, 2021 Share
How SMEs can start and gain company-wide support for cybersecurity
While the importance of cybersecurity has never been more evident than it is now, given our heightened need and usage of digital communications, many organizations are getting left behind. 
By Michael Argast Apr 16, 2021 Share
How CPAs can be a trusted partner to their clients
Increasingly, CPAs are being looked to for advice that goes beyond tax and accounting matters. 
By Aaron Aerts Apr 15, 2021 Share
The 4 main reasons why you should care about financial ratios
Financial ratios are tools used to compare figures in the financial statements of your business. They provide an objective measure on the performance of your business in the past, present, and future to help you determine growth, pay yourself & your employees, and still make a profit. 
By Ron McGregor Apr 6, 2021 Share
National Volunteer Week 2021: One year into COVID-19, BC CPAs continue to shine a light in their communities
At CPABC, we are proud of the contributions our members make not only to their workplaces, but to their communities as well. This year’s commemoration of National Volunteer Week (April 18-24), will be the second one to happen during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
By Vince Kanasoot Mar 31, 2021 Share
What to do when your network is drying up?
We have been living in this new COVID-19 normal for over a year now. With events and workplaces remaining virtual and remote, are you finding it increasingly difficult to maintain connections with your existing network as well as build new meaningful connections? If the answer is yes, you are not alone.
By Stephanie Roy and Vivian Tse Mar 25, 2021 Share

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