Employee benefits inflation update for 2022
The issue of inflation continues to be significant for employee benefits, as there continues to be pressure on businesses to maintain these plans.
By Dan Eisner Nov 25, 2021 Share
How emotions can impact our financial decisions
We are living in a volatile world and many of us are experiencing feelings such as anxiety and confusion more frequently than in the past. 
By Chris Wyman Nov 23, 2021 Share
Maintaining Confidentiality and Public Confidence
CPAs in Canada are bound by a strict requirement of confidentiality that applies to all aspects of their professional work. In BC, the CPABC Code of Professional Conduct outlines the requirements and provides registrants with extensive guidance on this topic. In this article, we cover the major confidentiality rules in the CPA Code, describe situations that are prone to potential breaches of confidentiality, and provide some cautionary examples.
By CPABC's Professional Conduct Team Nov 22, 2021 Share
Bill C-208 opens the door to new tax-planning opportunities for family businesses
Succession planning is an important consideration for the founders and owners of family businesses, and the tax strategies available for selling shares to and purchasing shares from a third party versus a related party can vary significantly. Bill C-208 is intended to give families more flexibility to access certain tax advantages to facilitate intergenerational transfers of shares of small family businesses.
By Tina Huang Nov 19, 2021 Share
Digital transformation: The national picture
Canada’s CPA profession has always sought to collaborate on issues of national importance, and always in the public interest. One area of collective focus has been digital transformation, with an emphasis on member-facing initiatives.
By Lori Mathison Nov 18, 2021 Share
Work in British Columbia
CPABC's BC Check-Up: Work report looks at emerging employment trends across the province.
By Aaron Aerts Nov 17, 2021 Share
How CPAs can upgrade their digital skills to stay competitive
An expert presenter and thought leader on the intersection of accounting and technology, Garrett provides guidance to finance professionals worldwide on how to thrive in this digital age. 
By Garrett Wasny Nov 15, 2021 Share

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