Building lifelong relationships through CPA mentorship
As the world re-emerges from the shutdowns caused by COVID-19, it’s clear we are entering a new era. With the re-imagining of workspaces and industries, many are anticipating new and exciting career opportunities and paths. 
By Suzanne Berry Jul 26, 2021 Share
Good food, good mood – How to give your body its best chance
We’ve all heard that it’s what’s on the inside that counts. And when it comes to getting healthy, this saying couldn’t be more accurate.
By Nicole Porter Jul 22, 2021 Share
Zooming your negotiations
Negotiation skills are among the most critical skills a leader can possess. A strong negotiator can creatively leverage corporate interests, catalyze change management efforts, resolve conflict, and influence key decisions. So what does it take to be a strong negotiator in a virtual world?
By Carrie Gallant Jul 21, 2021 Share
Life in British Columbia

BC Check-Up: Live report looks at demographic and affordability trends across the province

By Aaron Aerts Jul 14, 2021 Share
The balancing act of work-life balance
How many times have you sat at your desk eating lunch while still working? Have you ever felt guilty about taking your break? 
By Carolyn Stern Jul 9, 2021 Share
Budgeting: The journey out of debt
British Columbians are being pushed to their financial limits like never before. According to Sands and Associates 8th Annual BC Consumer Debt Study, the COVID-19 pandemic was a major contributing factor for over half of the survey respondents who filed insolvency since March 2020. 
By Andrew Smith Jul 8, 2021 Share
"It just clicked" - Why Rhian Quarry made the switch from science to the CPA
It was while working reception at Madison Pacific Properties Inc., a real estate management and development company in Vancouver, that Rhian Quarry realized she wanted to become a CPA. She had just completed her bachelor’s degree in health sciences and was looking for a new direction when inspiration struck.
By Megan Hooge Jul 7, 2021 Share

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