How to use a budget to help your business succeed and grow
When we talk about businesses that have been successful, there’s usually one common thread: they have a plan on where they want to take their business and how they’d get there.
By Lorcan O'Melinn Oct 12, 2021 Share
4 ingredients for a healthy balance sheet
A healthy balance sheet indicates to your shareholders, investors and lenders, and potential partners that your business is in strong financial health and provides confidence in how your business operates.
By Megan Stables Oct 5, 2021 Share
Reminder: Upcoming CERS, CEWS and CRHP deadlines
Given the significant workload this past year for practitioners, it is possible to lose sight of deadlines that are arising for three key COVID-19 programs. 
By CPA Canada Oct 4, 2021 Share
CPABC's 2022-2023 Budget Submission: A focus on tax modernization to encourage economic resurgence

CPABC’s 2022-2023 Budget Submission recommends the province focus on tax and program reform to improve our province’s productivity. 

By Aaron Aerts Oct 1, 2021 Share
CPABC: With limited fiscal room, B.C. government should focus on tax modernization to spur growth
As British Columbia recovers from its worst recession in 40 years, it is important that the provincial government focuses on modernizing its tax system to boost business productivity and promote long-term economic growth.
Sep 30, 2021 Share
How businesses should adapt their cybersecurity strategy in the age of COVID-19
In response to the upending of normal business activity throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses across the globe have rapidly invested in digital transformation, often expediting years of planned project development into the span of a few months. 
By Anthony Green Sep 24, 2021 Share
Declaring revenue: Is it a hobby or a business?
Whether you bake cupcakes and sell them to co-workers or go fishing after work and sell what you catch to friends, any profit you make from your passion could be considered business income, subject to income tax in Canada.
By Lawrence Tam Sep 22, 2021 Share

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