How to strengthen your writing skills (And why you should)
More organizational communication is written than you may think. Decisions, tasks, and knowledge are largely reliant on writing, so being able to communicate effectively in writing remains a vital job skill—particularly now, when so many people work remotely.
By Sharon Habib Jan 17, 2022 Share
How Julien Francois helps publishers adapt and thrive in the digital world
Julien Francois has always been adaptable to change – an attribute that has proven to be particularly beneficial to his role in helping his company, STN Video, navigate through COVID-19. 
By Vince Kanasoot Jan 14, 2022 Share
Celebrating CFE success!

Meet the BC writers who excelled on the September 2021 CFE

By CPABC in Focus Jan 13, 2022 Share
What's the buzz? Considerations on the current and temporary BC PST rebate program
The provincial government added the current temporary BC PST Rebate on Select Machinery and Equipment to its roster of COVID-19 tax incentives and benefits in March 2021. Since then, the BC Ministry of Finance has continued to update its webpage on the temporary rebate as additional details have become available.
By Katherine Reinhardt Jan 12, 2022 Share
Insolvency expert turns memorable cases into thrilling fiction
David Bowra, FCPA, FCA, didn’t have to look far to find inspiration for his debut crime novel, Banking on Murder.
By Megan Hooge Jan 6, 2022 Share
BC employment continues to exceed pre-pandemic levels, exports reach record highs
In November 2021, BC’s unemployment rate stood at 5.6%, remaining the same as in October. While BC’s unemployment rate remains well above the 4.6% set in January 2020, it has decreased considerably from 8.0% in January 2021, and 13.4% in May 2020, the peak of unemployment during the pandemic. 
By Aaron Aerts Dec 20, 2021 Share
3 ways to motivate yourself to do work you don’t want to do
Despite loving my career, there is an aspect of my role I down-right despise: paperwork. Like me, you may feel a chill run down your spine when you hear this word.
By Ann Gomez Dec 14, 2021 Share

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