Accelerating business agility: Maximizing organizational effectiveness in the age of COVID-19
Many business leaders and accounting professionals are wondering how best to recover from the disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic and set their organizations up for success in the uncertain months and years ahead.
By Helen Fotos Sep 17, 2020 Share
Highlights from CPABC's BC Check-Up: Work Survey (Infographic)
More than 560 members responded in the most recent survey, which focused on work in BC.
By CPABC Sep 16, 2020 Share
CPABC announces Board of Directors 2020/2021
The Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia (CPABC) held its fifth Annual General Meeting in Vancouver on September 9, 2020 and announced its Board of Directors for fiscal year 2020/2021. 
By CPABC Sep 15, 2020 Share
Keeping the numbers up

Report recommends measures to maintain CPA training pipeline and meet future demand

By Kerri Wilcox Sep 14, 2020 Share
5 steps to a September reboot
The other day as I was stopped at a red light, I watched as a young man trimmed the grass around a light post, missed half of it, and continued on. My first thought, “How could he do that? Leave half of the grass he was being paid to trim?”
By Tammy Robertson Sep 10, 2020 Share
How KPMG’s “1,000 Acts of Kindness” has inspired employees and lifted communities
After seeing the societal effects of the COVID-19 pandemic ripple through local communities, KPMG’s offices in Metro Vancouver and Victoria mobilized employees to take action.
By Megan Hooge & Vince Kanasoot Sep 9, 2020 Share
The new retail experience: How COVID-19 rapidly accelerated the shift in customer demands
Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the way consumers preferred to shop had begun to morph, with an increasing demand for in-store experiences, greater e-commerce, and more sustainable products. The COVID-19 pandemic has only expedited these trends.
By Aaron Aerts Sep 2, 2020 Share

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