Canadian economy hitting some bumps on road to recovery
For the eighth consecutive month, BC’s workforce expanded in December. However, the most recent data shows that BC’s growth rate continues to slow considerably from rates seen earlier in the recovery, and for the first time since April, Canada as a whole saw an employment loss. 
By Aaron Aerts Jan 15, 2021 Share
Southwest B.C.’s employment recovering, but nearly 70,000 workers remain displaced
Early in the pandemic, the entire province saw employment levels decline markedly. 
By Lori Mathison Jan 14, 2021 Share
Thompson-Okanagan’s goods sector leading economic recovery
After years of robust economic growth and low unemployment across the Thompson-Okanagan region, the COVID-19 pandemic quickly reversed the trend. 
By Karen Christiansen, FCPA, FCA Jan 13, 2021 Share
The fight continues
An update on anti-money-laundering initiatives
By Jessica McKeachie Jan 13, 2021 Share
CPABC’s Indigenous strategy
Building for a strong, more inclusive future.
By Lori Mathison Jan 11, 2021 Share
Celebrating CFE success!

Meet the 10 candidates from BC and Yukon who made the National Honour Roll.

By CPABC in Focus Jan 7, 2021 Share
How businesses should adapt their cybersecurity strategy in the age of COVID-19
In response to the upending of normal business activity throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses across the globe have rapidly invested in digital transformation, often expediting years of planned project development into the span of a few months. 
By Anthony Green Dec 17, 2020 Share

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