BC continues strong job growth and recovery in consumer spending in September
BC is on track to outperform Canada’s average GDP and unemployment rate in both 2020 and 2021, according to recent forecasts and new economic data from September. 
By Aaron Aerts Oct 26, 2020 Share
Bringing racial diversity to corporate Canada
The Black Lives Matter movement, which calls for an end to white supremacy and violence inflicted on Black communities and champions the inclusion of Black people, sparked an array of promises and pledges from major corporations across the world when it began in the USA in 2013. 
By Agapi Gessesse Oct 23, 2020 Share
Refreshing your resume
Refreshing your resume is all about uncovering the ever-evolving you – your skills, talents, and passions – and packaging these qualities in a way that best markets you to potential employers. 
By Suzanne Berry Oct 21, 2020 Share
The ethics of technology
The explosion of technology over the last 30 years has changed the way we do business—but have we given enough consideration to its ethical impacts? 
By Ward Blatch Oct 20, 2020 Share
What’s COVID-19 doing to the value of your small business?
Like 79% of small businesses in Canada, Old Salty, a gift shop on Salt Spring Island, was not fully open this past spring. However, when they reopened their doors in the middle of May business quickly ramped up, and by July sales were 75% of the prior year’s and increasingly steadily. 
By Liisa Atva Oct 14, 2020 Share
Strategic planning: Defining your organization’s value curve
In the face of COVID-19, businesses – and even entire industries – that were formerly profitable now face upheaval. 
By Barbara Vanderlinden Oct 8, 2020 Share
CPAs and AI: Adding value through ethical leadership
Imagine you start your workday by checking your voice messages; among them is one from your boss instructing you to perform a certain task. You complete the task and email her to confirm that you’ve received her message and finished the task. 
By Laura Friedrich Oct 5, 2020 Share

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