FAQs Membership Application

For CFE passers, the sponsors/proposers must be two CPABC members in good standing that are not related to you. Your two sponsors will also acknowledge your character declaration.

A great resource for meeting designated members is Chapter Events. These events are posted on the website in the Members/Chapters area. Another great way to meet members is through CPABC PD seminars.  Information about these seminars is posted in the PD area of the website.

You may apply on-line if you have meet all of the following:

  1. Successfully passed the CFE;
  2. Received confirmation from the PER team that you have met the Practical Experience Requirements; and
  3. Completed the 7-hour PD course “Gateway to Membership: Welcome to the Pros”

You will receive a link to the online application form with your PER confirmation.

If you have successfully completed the practical experience requirement, you will receive an e-mail from the Practical Experience Team.  

CPABC will no longer accept paper applications. Please contact cpabcapplications@bccpa.ca for more information.

Your Membership Application form will be reviewed and forwarded for approval within 4 – 8 weeks

Applications are approved for admission on the first day of every month.  Shortly after the approval date, you will receive a member dues notification by e-mail advising you to pay your application fee and member dues within 5 business days. Once your amounts owing are paid, please allow 1 business day for processing before using your designation after your name. Please refer to the “Use of CPA Designation by Members” information posted on our website. 

All new members will receive a membership certificate, which are sent to our printer for production every few months.

Certificates are sent out via Canada Post in a document tube to your preferred mailing address. Please make sure you sign into the Online Services, Profile area of our website to ensure your mailing address is correct. Any questions regarding certificates can be directed to certificates@bccpa.ca.