CPA Yukon: Corinne Canevet Excel in CPA National Exam

By Vivian Tse
Aug 13, 2021

WHITEHORSE, August 13, 2021 — The Chartered Professional Accountants of Yukon (CPAYT) and the CPA Western School of Business (CPAWSB) congratulate M. McKay & Associates Ltd.’s Corinne Canevet for passing the multi-day national Common Final Examination (CFE) written in May 2021. The exam was administered by CPAWSB.
“Congratulations to Corinne Canevet for successfully passing the CFE,” said Peter Woodruff, CPA, CA, chair of CPA Yukon. “On behalf of the CPA Yukon’s Board of Directors, I look forward to welcoming Corinne to join the ranks of the territory’s chartered professional accountants and wish them all the best as they move forward in their career.”
In order to become designated, students must complete rigorous course work, pass the CFE, and fulfill relevant practical experience requirements. The national CFE ensures all Canadian chartered professional accountants meet the same high standards, which are recognized nationally and internationally.
“On behalf of everyone at the School, I congratulate these hard-working individuals and wish them the very best,” said Steve Vieweg, FCPA, FCMA, CEO of the CPA Western School of Business. “The one hard-working Yukon candidate who passed the 2021 May CFE has developed and demonstrated technical and professional skills they will take with them into the next stage of their career and beyond.”
CPAWSB delivers the nationally-developed CPA professional education program in Canada’s western region. Throughout the program, CPA candidates develop the competencies expected of professional accountants, developing technical skills and enabling competencies as they grow in professionalism and leadership.
About CPA Yukon
The Chartered Professional Accountants of Yukon (CPAYT) is a member organization of CPA Canada, which represents more than 200,000 CPAs across the country. The CPA British Columbia is responsible for training, governing, and regulatory body for CPAYT members. CPAs are recognized internationally for bringing superior financial expertise, strategic thinking, business insight, and leadership to organizations.

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