Trisha Tannis,  FCPA, FCGA, FCA (BB)

Trisha provides steadfast leadership as managing director at Unicomer (Barbados) Ltd., a multinational retailing and consumer finance group in Barbados. Trisha’s strategic mindset and financial acumen have propelled the group to consistent sales growth—even through a deep recession—while at the same time reducing expenses by introducing product innovations and brand segmentation. 

Prior to taking on her role as managing director, Trisha served in a series of progressive finance roles at Unicomer. As finance director (2002-2010), she contributed significantly to sustainable growth by ensuring elevated standards of governance, compliance, and risk management. She also led strategic initiatives that drove profitability, including the consolidation of underperforming locations and the improvement of cash flow to support finance portfolio expansion. 

Trisha is a sought-after voice within the Barbadian business community. As chair of the Barbados Private Sector Association, she has advised the prime minister and guided the country’s response to recent global supply challenges, helping it avoid shortages of food and commodities. And as president of the Barbados Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Trisha led negotiations with the government on a set of protocols for the successful and safe reopening of the island economy.

“Trisha’s tenure as president of the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry was a particularly challenging time as Barbados grappled with COVID-19. She provided stellar leadership—showing grit, determination, tenacity, and focus to assist Barbados through a time of crisis.”

– Joan E. Brathwaite,* Vice-President, Finance, Barbados Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc. (*Joan is an FCCA (UK) and FCA (BB))