Governance FAQs

Governance FAQs

If you are a recent CPA graduate from the CPA program, you can display your designation as: Jane Doe, CPA.

If you transferred from another province, or via an international agreement, you must use CPA, accompanied by your legacy designation. This means your credential must be listed as “CPA, CA”; “CPA, CGA”; or “CPA, CMA”.

If you also hold an accounting designation from the United States, you can display it as long as it is accompanied by the specific name of the jurisdiction where the US CPA was granted: Jane Doe, CPA, CA, CPA (Illinois).

Alternatively, if you hold an accounting designation from another country except the US, you can use it together with and following your Canadian CPA and display the name of the jurisdiction where you are granted the use of the designation: Jane Doe, CPA, CGA, ACCA (UK).

Remember, as a member, you are governed by:

Registration with CPABC impacts the application of other legislation, among others: corporate limited liability, student prohibition on public practice, employment standards.