Hire a CPA FAQs


When you hire a CPA, you can rest assured that you’re hiring a professional with the financial proficiency, strategic vision and commitment that will help your organization compete and succeed, at home and abroad. Talent is what sets exceptional organizations apart from the pack. Chartered Professional Accountants (CPAs) are committed to the highest standards of professionalism.

Since 2015, there has only been one regulated accounting designation in British Columbia: the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA). The legacy accounting bodies of Certified Managerial Accountants (CMA), Certified General Accountants (CGA), and Chartered Accountants (CA) merged to become what is now the Chartered Professional Accountants. CPA members who received their designation under a legacy accounting body must display their CPA and legacy designation together, in that order (e.g., John Doe, CPA, CA). All CPAs must keep their designation in good standing by abiding by all regulatory requirements, including ethical standards and continuing professional development.

As an employer, if you want to add a designated professional accountant to your organization, you must only ask for a CPA in your job postings.

You may be wondering how to structure your compensation package when hiring a CPA or aspiring CPA. CPA Canada publishes a compensation survey that reviews self-reported compensation figures from members of the CPA profession across the country. The report is produced every two years and shows compensation results by industry, job title, and province. Visit CPA Canada’s Member’s Area to review the most recent CPA Compensation Survey.

To verify an individual’s membership status, visit CPABC’s Member Directory. This is an online listing of CPABC’s members that shows their designation and city of employment. Not every member is listed, as some members may have asked to be excluded for safety or privacy reasons. Suspended and former members are also excluded from the directory.

CPAs in British Columbia are part of the more than 210,000 CPAs working across Canada and in over 100 countries. CPAs work in all sectors and industries. To learn more about where CPABC members work, how they protect the public, and how they contribute to businesses across the province, please see the CPABC Annual Report.

CPABC hosts many hiring and recruitment events throughout the year. Visit our employer calendar of events for a full listing.
The CPABC Careers Site is the official online job board of CPABC. Employers can post job ads to the site and view the profiles and resumés of CPAs and students enrolled in the CPA Professional Education Program who are looking for career opportunities.
Not-for-profit organizations and charitable organizations looking for volunteer board members can post jobs on the CPABC Careers Site at no cost. If your organization is a registered charity or an incorporated not-for-profit under the Societies Act of British Columbia, email careers@bccpa.ca to learn how to promote your organization to CPAs.