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Chapter FAQs

If you are interested in learning about volunteer positions with your local chapter board or any committees formed by your chapter, please email the chapter. Please visit your CPABC chapter blog, select your chapter, and click on the “Get Involved” tab for your chapter email address.

If you are interesting in applying for a volunteer position, include the completed volunteer form in your email to indicate your level of interest. Or, simply email with your name, contact information and what chapter you’d like to get involved with and we will pass along your details. A chapter representative will contact you regarding volunteer opportunities. (As the chapters consist of volunteers, it may take a few days to receive a response.)

Each CPABC chapter has a blog that contains the latest news and details on upcoming events hosted by the chapter.

The chapters send regular emails promoting upcoming events. Make sure your current email address is updated. If you unsubscribed from a legacy chapter’s email list, you will need to re-subscribe. To do this, update your profile information. Go to “Communication Preferences” on the right-hand side of your profile page, then ensure “Chapter Communications” is checked.

Please update your profile information. Go to “Chapter Information” on the right-hand side of your profile page, then edit the chapter that is selected.

The chapter distribution lists are based on the member’s home address but can be changed by the member by updating their profile on the website ("Chapter Information" within the profile page).  This means you can make any chapter your chapter, but you cannot belong to more than one chapter. However, members are welcome to attend events hosted by other chapters – check their website, or subscribe to the RSS feed of their blogs to stay informed on upcoming events.