Recap: “Chapter Games” Archery Social Event Recap

By David Chiang
Feb 22, 2020
Recap: “Chapter Games” Archery Social
Photo credit: CPABC Richmond/SD Chapter. CPABC Richmond/S.Delta Chapter archery social networking event.

The CPABC Richmond/S.Delta Chapter hosted an archery tag event  on February 22, 2020 at Six Pack Indoor Beach in Richmond BC.

Thirty CPABC members and their guests came out to develop and hone their archery skills.  Some were spurred on by their favourite characters in hit shows such as Avengers, Hunger Games, Game of Thrones or Avatar.  Others just wanted to try something new.

Regardless of their personal motivations, this inaugural social networking event was an excellent opportunity for members, CPA candidates and students to connect with each other in a fun and competitive event that catered to all kill (sorry, meant skill) levels.

cpabc richmond chapter archery recap
Each participant was provided instruction on the proper handling of the bow and arrows.  The best and most basic advice from the staff remains that the “pointy end be away from you and any other person.”Staff providing new archers with instruction. Photo by Chapter.

Once instructed, participants took their turn shooting at targets.  Some participants demonstrated their prowess with their amazing archery accuracy.

cpabc richmond chapter archery recap - FUN
The local CPABC chapter hosts many events throughout the year from local PD sessions, social networking, community engagement and student/candidate events.  Check the chapter newsletter for upcoming events and be sure to subscribe to CPABC chapter emails to keep apprised of exciting events coming soon.Photo by chapter.

And, if you want to become a volunteer with the chapter, contact the chapter chair to express your interest.

Lucky winners of chapter prizes. Another benefit of chapter events… the chance to win some great swag.
cpabc richmond chapter archery recap - social events
Photo by chapter.