Conversation with a CPA

Are you curious about what CPAs actually do? If yes, join this short 45-minute conversation and listen to a real-life CPA and learn about what accountants do and where they work. You will then have an opportunity to ask your own questions about a career in accounting.


KurtiKurtis Formosa, CPA
Accounting & Tax Instructor
Douglas College

Kurtis began his professional journey in tax at PwC before making a transition to a financial controller position at Atomic Cartoons Inc. Seeking a departure from the conventional 9-5 desk job, he transitioned into teaching full-time in 2023 and now serves as a full-time instructor at Douglas College and part-time lecturer at Langara College. Kurtis also runs a small tax practice specializing in personal and corporate tax services. Outside of the professional realm, Kurtis is an avid guitar player and an average chess player. Additionally, Kurtis is an amateur coder, and is currently using VBA to develop a simplistic accounting system that is fully automated within Excel.

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Apr 23, 2024 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM
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All, Leads, Prospects, Students, Candidates