To start, create a profile on My CPA Portal. You may create a My CPA profile anytime.

Note: My CPA Portal is CPAWSB's online portal for requesting a transcript assessment and receiving assessment results, submitting a program admission application, registering for courses or modules, paying fees, and more.

In your My CPA profile, enter education history and request and pay for a transcript assessment.

You may request a transcript assessment ($100 CAD plus tax) anytime, but most people request a transcript assessment two months before registration opens for the CPA PEP module they want to enroll in. Note that the registration period typically closes about 2 months before the module start date, so it is recommended to request a transcript assessment about 4 months before the module start date.

Assessment results are valid for 12 months from time of assessment completion, and it is during this time when you will be granted online access to enroll in CPA Preparatory Courses; OR if eligible to enroll directly into CPA PEP. 

Be sure to request and pay for the transcript assessment via My CPA Portal before requesting your institution(s) to send your transcripts and/or other supporting documents to CPAWSB. This will avoid misplacement of mailed in documents that do not have a corresponding record in our database.

All official transcripts and documents submitted for transcript assessment must be sent from the issuing institution, digitally or by mail, directly to the CPAWSB. Refer to CPAWSB's Apply for Admission to CPAWSB page for further instructions.

Applicants who have completed any education outside of Canada must also submit a third-party verification in addition to their official transcript(s). The third-party assessment is used to verify the Canadian equivalency of your international education credentials. Refer to CPAWSB's Apply for Admission to CPAWSB page for detailed instructions.

It can take up to 10 business days for the assessment process to be completed from the time that all of your supporting documents, including transcripts, are received.

After receiving and reviewing your transcript assessment results, enroll in any missing CPA Preparatory Courses (or choose to complete them at a recognized post-secondary institution listed on the CPABC Transfer Credit Guides); OR if PEP eligible, submit program admission application via My CPA Portal and pay to enroll in the CPA PEP. Further information on how to interpret your transcript assessment results can be found on CPAWSB's Apply for Admission to CPAWSB page.

A one-time, non-refundable Initial Registration Fee and Annual Candidates Dues, are required when submitting an admission application to CPA PEP. Or if submitting an admission application for CPA Preparatory Courses, Annual Student Dues are required. Please refer to the CPA PEP Administrative Fees or CPAWSB Preparatory Courses Administrative Fees for a complete list of the current year’s fees.

CPA PEP admission applications are accepted throughout the year, not just during the designated module registration periods.

Admission applications are typically processed in two to three business days.

Register in modules during the registration periods for CPA PEP. Note that the registration period typically closes about 2 months before the module start date. To register in Core 1 without paying a late fee, you need to submit a CPA PEP admission application at least five business days before the Core 1 registration deadline. This allows for enough time to process your admission application and for you to log into the My CPA Portal and register for Core 1 before the module registration period closes.

If you missed the Core 1 registration deadline, you may be eligible for placement on the module registration wait list. Your CPA PEP admission application must be submitted one month before the start of Core 1 to be eligible for placement on the wait list. Check the CPA PEP Fee Schedule page for the current Module Registration Wait List fee. If you are on the wait list, you can register for the Core 1 module up until one week before the module start date. See the Schedule page for an overview of the typical registration deadlines and module dates.