Elections Canada

Published: 6/30/2016

The following is a message for public practitioners from Elections Canada:

Elections Canada would like your co-operation to ensure that tax filers can make an informed choice about authorizing the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to transfer their name, address, date of birth and citizenship to Elections Canada to update the National Register of Electors (the Register).

When preparing your clients’ taxes, please ask them for their response to the questions in the Elections Canada section on page 1 of the return.

The Register is used at the beginning of federal elections to create voters lists, as well as to send information cards to eligible voters, showing them where and when to vote. A high consent rate from qualified tax filers – each and every year – is essential to the Register’s accuracy. It ensures that your clients appear on voters lists at the correct address and that your younger clients are added to voters lists, saving them time when they go vote.

Elections Canada takes precautions to ensure that the information contained in the Register is kept secure and used for authorized purposes only.

Elections Canada looks forward to your support as you work with your clients this tax season. 

Learn more about the Register in the CRA’s annual T1 income tax guide, at elections.ca or by contacting Elections Canada at 1-800-463-6868.

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