Cybersecurity: Is it on your radar?

By CPA Canada
Published: 10/1/2019

Every practitioner has heard the stories about large corporations being hacked. Have you thought about how cybersecurity might affect your clients’ business? The threats to IT, such as customer data theft, are well publicized. However, directors and owners should understand that many parallel cybersecurity threats are facing their companies' operations as well.

Read this bulletin to learn about five pressing cybersecurity and privacy themes businesses must be aware of to help them oversee modern cyber risks. Key topics include:

  • threats to operational technology (OT) and the internet of things (IoT);
  • mandatory disclosure of a cybersecurity breach;
  • third-party cybersecurity risk;
  • talking to the board about cybersecurity risk; and
  • convergence of cybersecurity and privacy.

Cybersecurity: Is it on your radar?

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