In the face of a pending disciplinary proceeding before a Panel of the Disciplinary Committee concerning alleged professional misconduct, Charles Luan Xing of West Vancouver, British Columbia resigned his membership in the Organization of Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia (“CPABC”) on November 26, 2015.

The professional misconduct alleged against Mr. Xing includes breaches of CPABC’s Bylaws and Rules of Professional Conduct, by arranging for a person to impersonate him at two seminars Mr. Xing was required to attend for registration in public practice, and by falsely representing to CPABC that he had personally attended and completed these seminars. Mr. Xing has admitted all of these allegations.

Mr. Xing has agreed to pay $2,100 towards CPABC’s costs of the pending disciplinary proceeding.

As Mr. Xing is no longer a member of CPABC, he cannot use or display the designations “Chartered Professional Accountant”, “Certified General Accountant”, or “Professional Accountant”, the initials “CPA”, “CPA, CGA”, or “PA”, or in any manner imply, suggest, or hold out that he is a Chartered Professional Accountant or Professional Accountant.