Application deadline: May 15

The CPABC Master’s Degree Bursary, worth up to $2,500, is open to CPABC members who have been accepted into a master’s degree in Business Administration or other fields of study related to accounting. To be eligible to receive this bursary, enrollment must be at a recognized university and applicants must demonstrate financial need and the intent to teach in academia.

To apply, please submit these documents by following the submission instructions noted in the application form:

  • The completed application form;
  • A transcript of marks from an undergraduate degree or professional certification;
  • Evidence of acceptance into the Master’s degree program;
  • A letter of academic reference; and
  • A cover letter explaining the reasons for requesting financial assistance.

Apply for CPABC Masters Degree Bursary

The Fund provides short-term assistance to CPA members suffering from unusual financial hardship and is open to all CPA members. Since its inception, the Fund has consistently provided support for individuals dealing with alcoholism and addiction, debilitating health issues, and other crises resulting in financial hardship.

To inquire about the Benevolent Fund please contact advisory services

Learn more about CPA Benevolent Fund.