WCAG 2.0 and 2.1

BC Government

Implementation Timeline

Determine resource requirements and begin baseline testing:

  • Run a preliminary accessibility audit report. (Complete);
  • Ensure that we have the full support of the EMC;
  • Ensure that we have a sufficient budget over the next three years;
  • Learn what other CPA provinces are doing in regards to accessibility;
  • Get legal advice to ensure that we are following all accessibility protocols
  • Educate all staff on the importance of web accessibility;
  • Cultivate the idea of accessibility throughout the organization;
  • Create an accessibility task force that can learn and share accessibility knowledge;
  • Establish responsibilities for task force members and key staff;
  • Require key staff to take the necessary accessibility courses;
  • Commission a comprehensive accessibility audit report by E-Cubed (siteimprove)
  • Begin testing third-party applications (Wave and aXe)
  • Become familiar with keyboard testing
  • Become familiar with screen reader testing
  • Begin adding Alt tags in accordance with WCAG 2.1 guidelines on all new images 
  • Test all existing widgets for accessibility
  • Inventory all items that need updating
  • Learn Aria

Begin the Transition:

  • Start making manual updates to website. Ensure guidelines are met for the following elements:
    • Alt tags
    • Color contrast 
    • Page semantics
    • Text links
    • Links to external sites
  • Learn about Accessible Videos
  • Learn about Accessible PDFs
  • Ensure that display orientation is available for portrait and landscape
  • Ensure that forms meet all guideline criteria
  • Contract E-Cubed to:
    • Amend all necessary widgets
    • Add skip links*
    • Ensure that visual presentation is conveyed programmatically
    • Ensure that displayed content sequence is conveyed programmatically
    • Ensure that all moving banners and carousels can be manually stopped at any time

*A skip link provides a way for users of assistive technology (screen reader or keyboard) to skip what can often be many navigation links. For example, think about having to tab through the entire Amazon dropdown navigation, that has links nested in links, before you even reached the search bar or any relevant content—that is the problem that a skip link solves for keyboard or screen reader users.

Create Accessibility Policies:

  • Begin drafting policies related to:
    • Web accessibility
    • Statements of accessibility
    • Accessible content (images, PDFs, videos, and widgets)

Comply with WCAG 2.1 on the Corporate Site:

At this point in time, we are aiming for a January 1, 2024, target date to achieve accessibility on bccpa.ca.