Delegation to CPABC                     

211/1 CPA Yukon may delegate to CPABC

  1. any of the powers, duties or functions of CPA Yukon under
    1. sections 4, 13, 17(1) or Part 7 of the Act,
    2. Bylaws 403(5), 1106(7)(a), 1108, 1111(1)(j), 1202(2), 1205(1)(j), 1207(3)(a), 1301(1) or 1307(4), or Part 6 of the bylaws,
    3. Regulations 207/3, 207/5, 704/4(1)(b), 1108/1 or 1301/1, or Part 6 of the regulations, or
    4. the Rules of Professional Conduct, or
  2. any other power, duty or function of CPA Yukon with respect to the receipt or delivery of any report, application, notice, certificate, ballot or other communication under the Act, the bylaws, the regulations or the Rules of Professional Conduct.
See 2018-2019 Amendments