The CPABC Post-Secondary Recruitment Framework applies to all full-time and co-op positions that start in 2024. These guidelines apply to all candidates applying for pre-approved positions that begin in the 2024 calendar year, including current students, graduated students, and out-of-province students.

Many larger firms do their hiring about one year in advance, so if you are looking to start with a firm in January, May, or September 2024, you will want to go through the recruitment process in 2023.

Individual firms set their own application deadlines and interview periods at their own discretion. Some firms may hire on an ongoing basis throughout the spring, summer, and fall, while others may have set application deadlines. There are two major recruitment seasons for CPA Recruit. The first is in the spring, with most activity between March and June, and the second is in the late summer & early fall, with most activity between August and October. Students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with each firm’s recruiting process and deadlines.

Yes, employers host their own events for information, networking and engagement. Post-secondary institutions also host opportunities for students. Connect with your career services department to find out more. Students should be proactive and seek out opportunities to connect with employers they are interested in working for. Some firms have provided CPABC a list of their events which CPABC has posted on this page. CPABC also hosts many information sessions, webinars and career events every month. Please check our events page for more details on CPABC events, or sign up for CPABC CareerConnect to ensure you’re always first to get invites via email. Our events page will be updated as we receive upcoming events from employers. Historically, events have typically run in spring (March to June) and summer/fall (August to October) recruit seasons.