CPABC Network Series ‘reimagine your goals’

For the past two years, we have all had to pivot and do things differently, and at a whirlwind pace. This webinar invites audience members to pause, take a breath, reflect, and regroup. Participants will learn the tools and be provided take-away resources on how to reassess what you really want, and how to move forward towards those reimagined goals in a purposeful way. Whether it is education, work, finances, personal, or the CPA program, these are all life goals. Perhaps how you imagined you would achieve those goals looks very different today, from what you had previously envisioned for yourself. This webinar will teach us in a tangible way how to pause, reflect and determine for ourselves if the goals we had two years ago, are still the goals we want for ourselves today and moving forward.

This event includes open questions and answers from audience, and all audience members will be provided take-away resources to assist with their journey towards their own reimagined goals.

This webinar will be led by CPABC’s Suzanne Berry, Professional Education Program, Outreach Officer.

Suzanne BerrySuzanne Berry, BSc.

Suzanne has been with the CPA profession for 14 years, serving students and members in various ways over this time from academic advising, to communications, and now provides support in the areas of career advising and CPABC’s Mentorship Program. Her educational roots are in Psychology and Philosophy and she considers herself to be a “lifetime psychology enthusiast”, as its exploration have become a staple in her life. She strives to help students and members find their niche in the world of accounting and finance and enjoy career success through personal productivity.

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Nov 22, 2022 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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