CPABC Network Series ‘CPA Careers that Count – EVR’

You may already know that the CPA Professional Education Program consists of the 3 E’s: education, exam, and experience. But did you know that CPABC will assess your accounting related work experience under one of two routes: Pre-approved Program Route (PPR) or Experience Verification Route (EVR)?
Join us on September 29th for a live webinar and networking event with a panel of CPA Candidates who are currently pursuing their work experience under EVR. Learn how you can satisfy your work experience towards the CPA program under EVR, find out who are the employers of EVR positions, and discover the perks to working in an EVR position. This event will open with a panel discussion, followed by small group live networking and Q & A with Candidate panelists and CPABC staff.

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Amina Ayub, CPA Candidate, Bookkeeper, Thinkific

Amina holds a Bachelor of Arts, Honours Business Administration from Ivey Business School. She has successfully passed the 2019 CFE and is currently working towards fulfilling the rest of her CPA practical experience requirements. In her spare time, Amina spends time with her two dachshunds Mia & Patch, and has recently started making homemade dog accessories.

Amina feels that EVR allows you the flexibility to work in any industry and company you would like, as long as your job duties meet the PERT requirements. Amina likes EVR because there is a lot more autonomy and choice in EVR with the kind of work you want to take on, as long as you're able to have open and honest discussions with your supervisor.
Hoori Barkh, CPA Candidate, Finance Coordinator, University of British Columbia
Hoori is a Finance Coordinator with the BC Centre on Substance Use at UBC where she helps principal investigators and their research team manage their grant funds. Previously, she worked in accounts payable at UBC. She enjoys the flexibility of the EVR route as she is able to adjust her responsibilities based on what is required to complete the program and what she enjoys doing. Her mentor and director have been instrumental in guiding her toward meeting the various competencies. She fills her time by attending theatre performances, dancing, and raising her daughter.
Michael Macaulay, CPA Candidate, Operations Controller at JOEY Restaurant Group
Michael has worked in the Hospitality industry throughout University and in his opinion it is one of the best jobs out there. While bartending, serving and doing some office management, Michael was able to develop his communication and interpersonal skills while getting a glimpse into the BTS (behind the scenes). After deciding to pursue his CPA designation he knew that using his unique experience would be ideal for adding value to the industry.

In terms of perks of EVR, Michael believes that:

  1. EVR allows you to do your checks at a very reasonable pace.
  2. EVR makes you really look at what you do in your workplace and shows you where you've added impact and where you can continue to add value.
  3. EVR opens a whole new world of obtaining your designation especially if you were like him and did not want to pursue the public practice route.
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Sep 29, 2020 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Newcomer, Post-Secondary, Workforce
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