CPABC How to Series 'job seekers what to say in negotiations'

You have viewed the CPABC How to Series ‘negotiate salary and package’ (February 15, 2023 event, play on-demand recording) and heard from the employers’ perspective. Now it’s your turn! What are the actual words to say as a job seeker in your interview or performance review to shine a light on all your accomplishments and what you bring to the organization. How do you say this in a receptive manner to work in your favor in negotiations with potential or current employers to increase your package, benefit and/or salary?

This event includes open questions and answers from audience, and all audience members will learn the tools and techniques to help them navigate through their own negotiations, and how to eloquently “say it in the right way”.

Join us, as we learn from Suzanne Berry, Professional Education Program, Outreach Officer from CPABC who holds over 14 years career advising experience, knowledge and expertise in advising students and candidates in the CPA program, as well as CPA members.  

Suzanne Berry, BSc.

Suzanne has been with the CPA profession for 14 years, serving students and members in various ways over this time from academic advising, to communications, and now provides support in the areas of career advising and CPABC’s Mentorship Program. Her educational roots are in Psychology and Philosophy and she considers herself to be a “lifetime psychology enthusiast”, as its’ exploration have become a staple in her life. She strives to help students and members find their niche in the world of accounting and finance and enjoy career success through personal productivity.


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Apr 4, 2023 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
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