Conversation with a CPA

Are you curious about what CPAs actually do? If yes, join this short 45-minute conversation and listen to a real-life CPA and learn about what accountants do and where they work. You will then have an opportunity to ask your own questions about a career in accounting.
Jeffery ChapmanJeffery Chapman, CPA, CMA, ACFBA, ACFWA, Birkman Master Certified, CKA
Partner, Family Business & Wealth Advisor
Covenant Family Wealth Advisor

As Partner, and Family Business and Wealth Advisor, Jeffery enjoys connecting with families across Canada to help them do their best with their businesses and wealth. He works primarily with business-owning families, helping them create wealth and business structures to support healthy interactions and ongoing value creation, serving a long-term, multigenerational vision. He also provides insights through behavioural and career profiling, and coaches people through change and conflict resolution.
A CPA, CMA, Jeffery has many years of experience in owner, management, and board roles. He has also completed Advanced Certificate programs in Family Business and Wealth Advising, Strategy and Project Management. Jeffery’s interests in the human side of the equation led him to become a Master Certified Professional in The Birkman Method®.
He enjoys his family, playing hockey, boating, technology, spreadsheets, music, and emerging culture.

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Jul 28, 2021 5:00 PM - 5:45 PM
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