Conversation with a CPA

Are you curious about what CPAs actually do? If yes, join this short 45-minute conversation and listen to a real-life CPA and learn about what accountants do and where they work. You will then have an opportunity to ask your own questions about a career in accounting.

Speaker:Reena Bienko
Reena Bienko, CPA, CA
Manager, Corporate Accounting and FP&A
Kriska Transportation Group

Reena was born into a family of accountants and engineers and fought for years to evade the career path that seemed to be inevitable. After giving in to the siren call of the CA designation, Reena came to understand the life of an accountant can hold many adventures beyond numbers and computers. At present, Reena is part of the corporate finance team for a trucking company that owns 10 subsidiaries. She works with 7 controllers on various projects that change from year to year; from budget roll-outs to managing the annual audit, her role is ever evolving and keeps her on her toes. Outside of work Reena can usually be found adventuring with her Bernese Mountain dog Mishka.

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Sep 22, 2022 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM
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